MMA competitors are classified based on WMMA FC, MMA, Pankration, wrestling, jiu jitsu, grappling, muay thai, kickboxing, sanda, kung fu, boxing, and other martial experience. The following guidelines may be over ridden based on the above listed experience & skill.

Novice class: 0 – 3 fights
A class: 3 + fights with 2 or more wins at Novice class.
Required safety gear & uniform
Safety Gear:
Approved shin n instep pads for Novice class ( pull on type ), approved knee pads (Novice class), cup, mouthguard, Approved WMMA FC MMA/Pankration gloves. Taping of hands is allowed, tape and gauze only, no tape over knuckles. Taping of hands is optional. No other taping is allowed without prior approval. Hand wraps must be approved and signed by a WMMA FC official prior to ring entry.


– Pankration/Vale Tudo trunks, Board shorts or MMA trunks.
– Knee pads for novice class.
– Shin n instep for novice class. ( pull on type ) pads must be approved for thickness and density as well as proper fit. They must provide maximum softness with enough density so that when a thumb is pressed into them the shin and knee bones cannot be felt through them with strong pressure applied. Pads must fit snugly so that they will not easily pull down or move around during competition.
Fighters must wear a cup. If the fighter wears an outer cup it must cover only the groin & lower bladder area, it cannot extend out around the hip area. Outer cups must be approved.
WMMA FC approved MMA gloves required (min 4oz)
Length of matches:

Novice & A class:
3 rounds, 5 minutes. There will be a 60 second rest interval between the rounds.
Title fights:
3 rounds, 5 minutes each. There will be a 60 second rest interval between the rounds.

Illegal Techniques
A & novice class:
– Head butts are illegal
– Striking the back of the head or spine is illegal
– Slapping is illegal
– Striking with the elbows and forearms is illegal
– Groin strikes are illegal
– Straight palm strikes to the head are illegal
– Kicks and knee strikes are illegal for both fighters when either fighter is “down” (a fighter is “down” when any part of them other than the soles of their feet touch the mat).
– Striking the throat is illegal
– No thumb pressure may be exerted into the throat when grabbing with one or both hands.
– Pulling hair is illegal
– Poking or gouging the eyes is illegal
– Biting is illegal
– You may not throw an opponent onto their head or neck
– Heel hooks are illegal
– Grabbing the ring ropes or corner pads is illegal
– Pinching is illegal (intentional)
– Scratching is illegal (intentional)
– Stomping and straight kicks to the side and or front of the knee are illegal
– Knee strikes to the face are illegal
– Finger & toe submissions are illegal
– No fish hooking the mouth, nose or any orifice.
– Fighters may not use any slippery substance on their body such as vaseline or lineament.

Legal Techniques:
– Punching the legal targets of the head, body and legs.
– Kicking the legs, body and head is legal (both fighters standing)
– Take downs are legal (with exceptions noted in illegal techniques section)
– Submission, joint locks, chokes and pressure point techniques are legal except as noted under illegal section
– Knee strikes to body and legs are legal (while both standing)


If the action slows or ceases, the referee will give the following commands:
Standing – “Action”
Ground neutral position – “Improve position”
Ground advantage position – “Work to finish”
After hearing one of these commands, the fighters must immediately make an effort to obey the command. If the command is given but not followed, then the referee will re-start the fight on the feet. Any excessive stalling will be penalized by a yellow card and deduction from the judges.


When the fighters go under the ropes, the referee will command, “stop don’t move” and pull them toward the center to restart them in the same position. If the fighters entangle in the ropes or fall through the ropes, then the referee will break them and restart them on their feet.

Methods of victory :

– win by K.O.
– win by T.K.O.
– win by tap out of opponent
– win by no answer to „give up” from referee
– win by choke out unconsciousness
– win by decision
– win by referee’s stoppage of match
– Win by opponents’ disqualification

Methods of victory defined
K.O. (knockout)

– If a fighter is knocked down and is not defending properly, then the referee will declare a KO.


– A T.K.O. is registered when the referee deems that one fighter is in danger of receiving excessive damage if they continue in the match, in this case the referee will award the other fighter a T.K.O. victory.

„Tap out”.

– A fighter may give up at anytime during the match by „taping out”, this is done by slapping their open palm or fingers multiple times ( a minimum of 2 times) on the mat, the opponent, the referee or as a sign in the air if they cannot position themselves to tap out by one of the other methods. Tapping out acknowledges a victory for the opponent and ends the match immediately.

No answer to „give up”

– The referee will ask „give up” when he feels that a submission is possible. The referee will ask give up anytime a choke is being attempted. The combatant in question must answer „No”, immediately, if the combatant doesn’t answer or answers with an acknowledgment to „give up”, then the match will be immediately stopped and the combatant not in question will be awarded the victory.

Choke out

– When a choke is attempted the referee will ask „give up”, if the combatant in question does not answer then the referee will assume that the choke is secured and immediately stop the match awarding the combatant not in question the victory. The referee will immediately stop a match at any sign of unconsciousness when a choke has been put on and award the combatant who applied the choke the victory.


Unanimous decision – All 3 judges award a victory to the same combatant.

Majority decision – Two judges award a victory to the same person and the third judge awards a draw or one judge awards a victory to one person and the other two judges call a draw.

Split decision – Two judges award a decision to one combatant and the other judge awards a decision to the other combatant.

Draw – 2 or more judges award a draw. Or one judge awards a decision to one fighter while the second judge awards a decision to the opposing fighter and the third judge awards a draw.

Opponent yells out.

-When a combatant yells out or in any other way indicates that they do not wish to continue, the referee will stop the match immediately and award the victory to the other combatant.

Referee’s stoppage of the match

– The referee will consider both combatants safety at all times and may stop the match and award a victory to the appropriate combatant if he feels that the other combatant’s safety is in danger and or injury is eminent and forth coming. This situation will be given particular consideration when a joint lock is being put on and the „locked” combatant refuses to „tap out” or „give up”.


– Use of any illegal joint technique will result in immediate disqualification
– Intentional use of any illegal technique will result in immediate disqualification
– Any unsportsmanlike conduct may result in disqualification.

Weigh Ins:

Public weigh-ins will be conducted by a WMMA FC official from 22-26 hours prior to the event’s scheduled start time.

Those weighing in 22-26 hours prior to the event start time must make the agreed weight with no allowance.

Same Day weigh-in for those that did not weigh-in, or did not make weight at the first weigh in, will be conducted from 8-3 hours prior to the event start time. Those who weigh-in same day and are not in a title match, will have an overage allowance as follows:

Weight class:Upper weight limit
Strawweight: 115 lb (52.2 kg)
Flyweight: 125 lb (56.7 kg)
Bantamweight: 135 lb (61.2 kg)
Featherweight: 145 lb (65.8 kg)
Lightweight: 155 lb (70.3 kg)
Welterweight: 170 lb (77.1 kg)
Middleweight: 185 lb (83.9 kg)
Light Heavyweight: 205 lb (93.0 kg)
Heavyweight: 265 lb (120.2 kg)
Super Heavyweight N/A

For contracted (agreed) weights other than those weights listed above, you will be allowed the listed allowance that is closest to the listed weight above.

Pre Fight Physicals:

All fighters must have a pre-fight physical from 5-2 hours prior to the first bout scheduled start time.

Rules Meeting:

All fighters must attend the rules meeting scheduled from 28-2 hours prior to the first bout scheduled start time.

*Remember to bring your gloves, trunks, cup, and mouthguard. Your gloves will be inspected, if approved, you may use them, if not approved, you will be provided with a pair of gloves from the promoter to use during the match.

Novice fighters must bring the required, pull on shin and instep-guards and knee pads.

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