Honorary President & General Partner

President of National Company

„I Love Moldova”

President of Republic Moldova

Mr. Igor Dodon (Moldova)

Honorary President Idol of Kickboxing & MMA "ICE COLD" IGOR VOVCHANCHYN

Honorary President

Legend of Kickboxing & MMA  „ICE COLD”


Honorary President & Top Menager

Deputy of the Parliament Republic Moldova

Mr. Vlad Batrincea (Moldova)


tajlandia_MUAYTHAIWMF Pro logo

Honorary President & President of the WMF 

Excellency Lt.General Akachai Chantosa

(Headquarters, Bangkok, Thailand)


WMMAFC President & WFM World Director

Mr. Victor Popescu (Moldova)


Mohamed Dessouki

Vice President of WMMAFC

President of the Arab Region
Middle East General Supervisor of Asia and Africa
Mr. Mohamed Dessouki


Rana Sadaqat Pakistan

Asia vice President & Pakistan WMMAFC President 

Vice Commercial Director by WMMAFC 
President Pakistan International Taekwon-Do Federation
Ambassador European Refugee 
Ambassador United Refugee
CEO Rana International Traders
Director Choi Hong Hi Wears International
Director Art Manufacturing Company

Mr. Rana Sadaqat Ali  (Pakistan) 




Natividad Huesca Ortiz

North America President & World Boxing Council vice President


Mrs. Natividad Huesca Ortiz (Mexiko)


Marek Attila Janecek 22279550_10213311904248867_8380564002215914884_n

President of the World Muay Thai Department

President of the European Muaythai Confederation (EMC)

President of the Czech Muaythai Federation (CMF)

Chairmain of the Czech Boxing Sports Committee

Owner of the Thai Martial Arts Academy

Mr. Marek Attila Janecek



New Asia President: Nazarov Pulod


President of  MMA Federation in Tajikistan

Tel: +992-90-090-9909



Asia vice Director & WFBO President

World Full Boxing Organization


Prof. Dr. Nader Assadollahi (Iran)


Central Asia Conselier 

President Asian Kempo Federation

Director World ULTIMAX MMA Championship

Director Xultimax University

Mr. Ehsan Nazifi (Iran)


Vice Director of North West Europe & WFM President

Mr. Mike O Brien (Ireland)


Asia Vice Director 

Mr. Sultan Elsayed

(United Arab Emirates)


President of West Europe & AFSO Chairman

Mr. Alessandro Sorce (Germany)


Ost Europe President

Technical Director (Kickboxing)
Yurii Gorbenko (Ukraine)


Europa President & IKSA President
Mr. Luigi Greci (Italy)


Balkan President and CFC President

Mr. Stefanos Charalambous (Cyprus)

Vangelis Ioannis Xanthakis

Europa  Muay Thai vice President 


South Est Europa President

Mr. Trohin Alexandru (Moldova)

Vatav Andrian.jpg1

South Est Europa vice President

Mr. Vatav Adrian (Romania)

Rafa Lopez

USA President & WKL USA President

Mr. Rafa Lopez (USA)


Pan America President

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Director


Daliry Sam

West Asia vice President

President International Federation of Street Fighter

Mr. Daliry Sam (Iran)


Midle Asia President & President of

World Federation of Kowat Alrami and Self Defence

Mr: Walid Kassas (Lebanon)

Abdo Belel Vice President & Head of Africa

Africa vice President & President King of Ring

Mr. Abdel Rahman Rostaml (Egypt)


North Africa President & EMA President

Mr. Sobih Mohamed (Egypt)

Central Africa President

Mr. Alain Olivier Boanene (Cameroon)



World Mixed Martial Arts Fighting Championship!


The “W.M.M.A.F.C. “ or World MMA & All Combat Sports Organisation is one of the world-wide greatest organisms that are involved to promote and to disclose the combat sports.

In all disciplines practiced, semi contact, light contact, full contact, K-1 rules, low kick, oriental,  muay thai, kung fu, sanda, mma, submission, combat grappling free fight etc, it is possible to enter world-wide rating of fighting as professional, pro-amateur or amateur and to approach combats for the title of the World MMA & All Combat Sports Organisation, national, continental, intercontinental and World.

Every promoter has the possibility to organize tournaments and galas with the World MMA & All Combat Sports Organisation, maintaining low costs. Moreover the W.M.M.A.F.C  is the only organization  that does not impose particular obligate and annual taxes to the national Representative. Do not hesitate to make part of our organization that is young, serious and  flexible and  has a very strong position in the panorama of the world-wide federations.


Declaration of the World MMA & Combat Sports Organisation

We, the leaders and citizens of the World, national, regional, provincial, local federations and divisions, individual clubs and sports groups  of the World MMA & Combat Sports Organisation around the world, aware of its responsibility for the present and future development of the World MMA & Combat Sports Organisation in all countries declare:

” World MMA & Combat Sports Organisation peace!”

1. Today, we are citizens and patriots, leaders of society, community and sports associations of the World MMA & Combat Sports Organisation – powerful philosophical doctrines and educational system to our place tomorrow others will come, will be at the helm brought up our youth. From our joint efforts, how we will share the teachings and traditions of peace, good neighborliness and justice, military and cultural heritage of the World MMA & Combat Sports Organisation depends on what the world around us, the family of the World MMA & Combat Sports Organisation for a new generation of society, and the possibility of bringing people together one of the great righteous purpose – maintenance of peace on earth.
We want to have peace for all nations, public health, strong friendships and partnerships, blossoming and evolving World Federation – single family of the World MMA & Combat Sports Organisation, which dedicates its work to promote peace on the planet. of the World MMA & Combat Sports Organisation on guard for peace, and peace!

World MMA & Combat Sports Organisation health!”
2. Understanding the importance of health for everyone, and its responsibility to the spiritual future of the sport of the World MMA & Combat Sports Organisation as improving the system, we strive to meet the challenges of today, and declare a hard and firm „No” – the development of children and youth are drug addicts, AIDS, infectious sex development of childhood
diseases and disorders. The staff of the World MMA & Combat Sports Organisation intends to send its best efforts to improve the
health of connecting your life with the system of the World MMA & Combat Sports Organisation.
Healthy lifestyle – pledge of moral and ethical health of society and personality.

3. Preparing young people to become future leaders of the World MMA & Combat Sports Organisation in the world, we see
prospects for development in strengthening the professional relationship between the national federations and clubs of the World MMA & Combat Sports Organisation all over the world, relations of clean, transparent, unselfish, reliable and durable. We will continuously improve the working methods, to improve the quality of employment, personal sportsmanship in
of the World MMA & Combat Sports Organisation.
„The professionalism and integrity!” – Motto working group of the World MMA & Combat Sports Organisation.

„With faith in the heart!”
4. People live and people die. After the man is just a memory and name. On the planet there are many religions, and we can all have a different religion, but respecting the faith of another person, because only with faith in God according to
His great laws of righteousness, a man in a position to make a fair and correct decisions, doing things that would leave about We cherished memory and good name. Teacher – noblest of all professions in the world. While teaching combat sports
with faith in his heart, we teach the world, learn to live.
Let our children – our hope and our inspiration, we learn to love and believe in God, will give the next generation that single path of peace and charity.

„The family – the center of human life!”
5. Recognizing the value of the family for a modern society we see the future in strengthening the family and family values. Family – based on moral and social fabric of society, the center of human life. It originates birth, love, happiness and future of every one of us. Therefore, the main quality that instills the coaching staff of our federation to his disciples – filial reverence for the mother and father.
Morality and purity of relationship – the only way to create a strong family, filial reverence for his mother and father, people who gave the child the world – the source of origin as a child of such a morality and a true education.

World MMA & Combat Sports Organisation – the path to self-improvement!”
6. Every person who deals in sports halls of the World MMA & Combat Sports Organisation should feel in a good and respectful environment of like-minded people who aspire to great and bright targets, improve their physical and moral qualities – strength of body and spirit!

Our organization promises to support and implement the program of the Government of each State, which can help young generation to lead a healthy lifestyle, to become true citizens and patriots of their country.

” World MMA & Combat Sports Organisation without borders!”
7. Our organization lives and works as a single international sporting family. This idea of equality of all nations, regardless of skin color and religion, the idea of greatness of spirit of sports over politics and boundaries. Let the words of the Declaration of our organization, each member of the World MMA & Combat Sports Organisation touch each just a passionate heart, supporting its fire fighting for peace, happiness, stability and order in each country, a healthy and happy childhood for our children, security and respect for the elderly, light the memory of ancestors buried in our land, improvement, morality and patriotism of society.
World MMA & Combat Sports Organisation – a sport without borders!