Cutman Course – Level C

The WMMAFC International Cutman Certification Course Grade C

This one day course is designed as an educational resource promoting athlete safety and duty of care to coaches working in WMMAC clubs and anyone working closely with WMMAC fighters and participants in training or competition.

The Level C course also serves as an introductory prerequisite to Level B licensing under WMMAC.

Please contact your national federation for information about upcoming dates and to apply.


No previous cutman experience or licensing is required, but a thorough understanding of the Rules of WMMAC is expected. All participants must to be registered with their National Federation; and/ or a letter of recommendation from their National Federation may be required.

Syllabus – Day 1:,

– History of cutmen – primary purpose, moral calls
– Rules & regulations of hand wrapping
– Hand wrapping and wrapping for injury
– Tools of the trade
– How to make a practical and functional cutman/woman kit for less money without brand
names & unnecessary equipment
– Impaired consciousness & concussion
– Hemostatic agents (Drugs that stop bleeding)
– Natural hemostatic vs pharmaceutical hemostatic Agents
– Rules & regulations: Sanctioned hemostatic agents/drugs
– Coagulation cascade
– Indications for using hemostatic agents and contraindications relevant to combat sports
– Vascular & neural networks of the face and skull; types of bleeds; venial vs arterial
– Cross contamination, hygiene and sanitation
– Handling skills
– Lacerations, single and multiple to the face, skull and ears
– Nose bleeds: Anterior & posterior, nasal cavity bleeds
– Hematomas

Please contact your national federation for details of upcoming courses in your region.

WMMAC Member Federations please contact for information or to arrange an WMMAC Cutman course.

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