Not less than 16’ square within the ropes. 18” outside the ropes to the edge of the ring. In some cases, smaller rings will be allowed, „UPON PRIOR EVENT APPROVAL BY WMMA FC”.


No more than 4′ above the arena floor.
Ringside tables must be no higher than ring floor level and no ringside tables will be permitted next to floor mounted rings.


The ring shall have suitable steps for use of the fighters.
Promoter must have a MINIMUM of TWO Staircases up into the ring, one in the Red Corner and one in the Blue Corner.
A Third Staircase works is recommended for access of ring announcer, ring girls and medical staff.


Ring must be well lit with NO SHADOWS cast from any lighting.
The ring shall have BRIGHT LIGHTS that light up all 4 corners and the middle of the ring EQUALLY.
WMMA FC Representative and WMMA FC Referee(s) shall check the ring lighting prior to the event.
Ring mat must be TIGHT.
There must not be ANY holes, dips or gaps in the ring padding under the mat.
NO LIGHTS shall shine into the eyes of ANY Fighter or Judge.
All lights must ONLY shine DOWNWARD.
Lights may not shine at any angle directly into the fighting ring area that may blind the fighters vision.


Ring post shall be of metal.
May not be more than 4″ in diameter.
Shall extend from the floor of the arena area to a maximum height of 58″ above the ring floor.
Shall have the top turnbuckles padded with turnbuckle covers that meet UFCF approval.


Floor of ring from outside edge of platform to outside edge of platform on all 4 sides shall have padding meeting the approval of the UFCF of a thickness of not less than 1 inch. Material: Ethafoam or comparable padding.


The cover of the ring must be CANVAS or VINYL


No less than 4 (FOUR) ropes.
Not less than 1″ in diameter.
Bottom rope: 18″ above the ring floor MAX.
Top rope: 52″ above the ring floor MAX.
The bottom rope must be padded with a padding of a thickness not less than 1/2”.
Soft rope ties shall connect all ropes approximately every 6′ apart.
All ropes shall be tight.
Shall be approved by the WMMA FC Event Representative and WMMA FC Referee prior to the event.


All corners must be padded for fighters protection with WMMA FC approved cushions.


„ALL” Advertising displayed on the ring must have WRITTEN approval of the WMMA FC and may not contain anything that the WMMA FC considers offensive or vulgar.
Promoters are required to inform the WMMA FC of any and all RING Advertising a minimum of 7 days PRIOR to their event.


Promoter shall provide 2 stools for each corner.
ALL CORNERMEN are required to provide their own Spit Bucket. Promoter must have 4 buckets in reserve.

Prior to the initiation of any match, the WMMA FC Event Referee & Representative shall inspect the Ring for safety and the WMMA FC Promoter shall be required to make whatever changes to such area as are necessary in the judgment of the WMMA FC Event Referee & Representative.

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