• The Ring Announcers job is to fully represent the event to the public in an official and professional manor.

• The Ring Announcer shall NEVER use Profanity over the microphone that the crowd will hear.

• If the Ring Announcer uses ANY Profanity over the Event PA/Microphone, he/she could be banned from the event.

• He is to read all the bout results as requested to him by the WMMA FC Event representative which shall include EXACT bout scores or EXACT times of a stoppage.

• For this purpose we recommend all Ring Announcers use the announcement cards provided by the WMMA FC.

• There shall be NO TALKING by the Ring Announcer over the microphone or ANYONE over a Microphone during a „REAL” bout.

• No „VOICED COMMENTATING” with a microphone to the event audience by ANYONE when a bout is in progress. Commentating for TV is of course allowed.

• Talking is ONLY allowed during the round breaks.

• DJ’s”
• MUSIC: There shall be NO MUSIC played during a bout.
 However, some Muay Thai bouts, the fighters may request it during their bout which is acceptable if BOTH FIGHTERS agree to it.

• Fighter or Event Music with abusive lyrics and or foul language will NOT BE ALLOWED!

• DJ’s” Please review ALL „UNKNOWN” fight music BEFORE the event.

• Fighters are required to request music that would be suitable for „FAMILY – PRIME TIME – NETWORK” Television viewing.

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