WMMA FC Medical Doctor/Physician:

WMMA FC Medical Doctor/Physician:
Licensed Medical Doctor – MD or DO.

▪ A minimum of one Medical Doctor/Physician (MD or DO) at ringside during all bouts.

▪ If the Chief Ringside Physician is forced to attend to a fighter who was just injured in a bout whether at ringside or in the locker room, NO BOUTS may take place until he/she is back at ringside. To avoid down time it is highly recommended that two Physicians be in attendance so that if one must leave ring-side the event may continue.

▪ Physician(s), shall sit at ringside during an WMMA FC sanctioned event close to a set of ring entree stairs they can access quickly and easily.

▪ Competition may not occur in the ring if the physician is not present at ringside.

▪ They shall be prepared to assist if any serious emergency arises, and shall render temporary or emergency care for cuts and minor injuries sustained by any fighter.

▪ The Ringside Licensed Medical Doctor shall not leave the arena until ALL Fighters have been checked after their bouts and confirmed OK.

▪ No Chiropractors or Dentists, „MEDICAL DOCTOR, MD”. Not a physicians assistant.

1. All fighters must be given an Official WMMA FC pre-bout physical within 24 hours prior to the start of the event. This can also be done by a Paramedic or Nurse.

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