• Bout Reviews will only be done when there is a legit, justified and provable reason for them. Some of those issues may include but not be limited to:

1. Personal issues with a certain judge such as favoritism or a judge having personal ties to a fighter and can be proved these ties are either negative or positive towards one or both of the fighters involved.

2. A questionable knockdown that resulted in a standing 8 count.

3. Problem with the round times, too long or too short.

4. Incorrect scoring due to a knockdown or standing 8 count.

5. Failure of equipment that caused an issue with the fight. (Ring breakdown etc.)

6. Additional reasons will be determined if justified by the WMMA FC Headquarters.

• A decision rendered at the termination of any contest may be changed by the WMMA FC if the WMMA FC determines that one of the following occurred:

◦ There was found to be any conspiracy affecting the result of any contest.
◦ The scorecard(s) of the judges shows an error which would mean that the decision was given to the wrong contestant.
◦ There was a violation of the laws or rules governing contests, which affected the result of any contest.

1. Any and all protests must be received by the WMMA FC in writing within 10 days after the event from which the protest took place.

2. Any additional evidence should accompany the written protest such as statements, pictures etc.

3. All protests decisions will be determined by the WMMA FC Advisory Board within 30 days of the filed protest.

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