Anti-Doping Policy

WMMAFC endeavoring to keep MMA & Kickboxing a Clean Sport

WMMAFC Global are passionate about ensuring MMA & Kickboxing is and remains to be a ‘clean sport’ with Anti-Doping embedded in our culture. As an organisation we work closely with the WMMAFC, the UK Anti-Doping authority (UKAD) and the World Governing Body for MMA & Kickboxing as the WORLD MIXED MARTIAL ARTS FEDERATION (WMMAFC).

WMMAFC Global enhanced their direct view with UKAD creating a strategy to promote and enhance awareness of MMA & Kickboxing as a clean sport. In addition to this WMMAFC adopted the anti-doping roles of the WMMAFC meaning:

In the area of anti-doping, the WMMAFC Global (WMMAFC)

1a. The anti-doping rules of the WMMAFC (the ‘Anti-Doping Rules) apply to the sport of MMA & Kickboxing around the world; and

 1b. Persons participating in the sport of MMA & Kickboxing under the jurisdiction of the WMMAFC who qualify as ‘participants’ (as that term is defined in the Anti-Doping Rules) are bound by and must comply in all respects with the Anti-Doping Rules.

2.     WMMAFC shall recognise and take all necessary steps to give full force and effect within its jurisdiction

(a) to the Anti-Doping Rules; and

(b) to any sanction(s) imposed under the Anti-Doping Rules.

WMMAFC Anti-Doping follows closely to WADA, please see WADA information below for further guidance.