• Host the ultimate flagship event in the history of MMA in your region
• Showcase your country as an international sports hub on a global platform
• Promote your country to a global audience as an epicenter for the development
of MMA
• Attract Amateur MMA competitors and participants from more than 60 100
countries worldwide
• Get broadcast on international television
• Promote your organization’s alignment with the globe’s only MMA governing
body to be organized in accordance with Olympic values
• Create a legacy with WMMAF for MMA in your community and country
• Upskill your MMA community and industry with WMMAF training courses and
licensing (included)
• Gain marketing and PR support for your association
• Gain leverage and support from WMMAF in your funding bids
• Strengthen the relationship with government/authorities/sport ministries
• Global Audience
• Economic Impact
• Tourism Opportunity
• Media and Marketing
• Community Engagement
• Sponsorship Revenue
• Increased Participation
• Broadcast
• Commercial opportunities
• Education and legacy
• Host country
• Title and co-title sponsor
• Naming rights: venue, weigh-in, fan events
• Ticket sales
• In-venue revenue
• Digital exposure
• Broadcast exposure
• National Broadcast rights*
• Corporate responsibility programme
• Merchandising
• Sponsorship sales
• Advertising
• WMMAF Training and Licensing (included)
• Grants/ funding opportunities
• Further commercial opportunities

This policy is designed as a step-by-step process for any organization wishing to tender a bid to host a WMMAF Amateur MMA Championship event.
• Any organization wishing to embark on the bid process should send an email to stating its interest in submitting a formal bid.
• WMMAF will provide advice to interested parties including the timeframe for the
bidding process.
• A formal written bid must be submitted with all supporting documents to WMMAF
by email to at latest by the deadline stated and according to the guidelines given.
• The WMMAF team will be at hand to provide information regarding Championships requirements to support the writing of the bid.
• There is a non-refundable administration charge of $500 for submitting a formal
bid to WMMAF.
• On receipt of the formal bid, the WMMAF bidding committee will carry out the first check to ensure that the required elements are present, seeking further
clarification if necessary, before the bid is considered by the CEO and Board.
• Bidding organizations will be invited to give a presentation to a decision-making
a panel consisting of the WMMAF CEO, President and representatives from the WMMAF Board.
• Following the initial evaluation of all bids received,
WMMAF will contact all bidding organizations with further instructions.
Please see Operational Guidelines in the following areas to inform your Bid application:
i. Venue requirements
ii. Accommodation requirements
iii. Staffing requirements
iv. Broadcast rights
v. Sponsorship
vi. Medical requirements
The formal bid document should contain at least the following provisions. Please
ensure these specific headings are used.
Chapters Content Check box
1. Overview • vision for the Championship/type
of event
• goals of Host Federation
• outcomes needed
• legacy plan
2. Timing • which event
• date proposed
• how often

3. Candidature
• federation background
• events experience
• public opinion
(support/ opposition)

4. Candidate city • name
• why it’s ideal
• history and geographical size
• transport and getting around
• population
• economy
• cultural institutions
• other events
5. Political/legal • political support/opposition
(regional, national, city levels)
• local sport regulation/
• legal considerations
• anti-doping and the law
• national anti-doping code
6. Bid organizational
• board members
• organizing committee
• federation support
• financial backing
• outside business backing
• letters of support
• political support
7. Hotel /accommodation
options (participants) • name(s)
• address/ satellite coordinates
• reason for choice (s)
• suitability for the event
• rating
• capacity
• costs
• amenities
• distance/ travel time to the venue

8. Flights/ transport
• main airport
• distance/ travel time to hotel
• airline partner (if any)
• immigration support
• transport infrastructure
9. Sports program • dates and schedule
• arrival
• press conference/ events
• staff/ volunteer plan
• *(incl. assessment of expertise)
• medical staff and facilities
• hospitals
• cage suppliers
10. Venue • name
• address/ satellite coordinates
• capacity
• venue map
• suitability for the event
• distance from participants’ hotel
• distance from the hospital
*(with emergency, CT & MRI services)
• accessibility to audience
• build time
• other events held
• telecoms/internet
• security/ stewarding
• event management
• event production
• tickets sales
11. Immigration and
• regulations
• vaccination process
• visa requirements
• importation restrictions
12. Climate and
• conditions for competition
• weather
• sustainability
• disease
13. Security and Health
• overall security
• general risks
• health care
• first aid (out-of-competition)
• doping control
• insurance
• security plan (if applicable)
14. Commercial and
• PR plan
• PR agency or representative
• sponsorship
• ticketing
• broadcast
• timing
• community program
15. Budget*
• host fee
• operational cost
• income streams
• funding
• government support
• contributions/patrons
The organizer shall be responsible for 100% of the operating costs for the
Championships (Operating costs), including
• Competition venue and facilities
• Spectator seating and venue furniture
• Venue staffing and security
• Production costs (arena dressing, backdrops, audio, lighting etc)
• Equipment (including cages and associated costs)
• Medical & Anti-doping costs
• Insurance
• Sanctioning & Commissioning
• Operational Staff costs (including wages/ volunteer per diem, accommodation,
transport, expenses)
• Transport
• Local marketing
• Ticketing
• Peripheral competition costs (e.g. warm-up mats)
• Administrative costs
• Staff and officials’ uniforms
• IT, cabling, and electronic costs
• Bills and service charges (e.g. phone,
• cleaning)
• Medals and medals ceremony
• Hospitality (VIPs)
The Host Federation is entitled to retain revenue secured through the following
channels subject to approval by WMMAF:
• Sponsorship (where not in conflict with existing WMMAF rights deals)
• All Merchandising
• Advertising
• Domestic Broadcast Rights (where not in conflict with existing WMMAF rights
• 100% Ticket Sales
• All in venue sales
• Grants secured by Host Federation
• Other commercial opportunities
The following supporting documentary evidence must be attached to the Bid
Documentary evidence Check box
Evidence of funding and resources that can be contributed by the Host Federation (e.g. letters of intent, bank statements)
Evidence of Support or Endorsement from Government or National Olympic Committee
Letter(s) of intent from broadcasters, sponsors and funding bodies Confirmation of permission to host the event from commissioning bodies or local authorities where applicable Map with all main venues, hotels, airports, and measured distances/ travel times
If the Bid Application is successful in its initial consideration by WMMAF:
• WMMAF will require an inspection visit to the city and operational recce to further
evaluate the Bid at the Host Federation’s expense.
• At WMMAF’s discretion, Sports Team leaders or WMMAF Technical Committee
representatives will be invited to review the local facilities relating to their
technical areas (e.g. WMMAF Event Director, Medical Manager, Marketing and
Communications Director).
• The visiting WMMAF representatives are responsible for verifying that IMMAF
requirements can be met by the Host Federation and that the proposed location
has the infrastructure to facilitate a WMMAF Championship event within
budget. A report will be presented by the WMMAF CEO to the WMMAF Board for final approval before any agreement can be signed between WMMAF and the Host Federation.
• The CEO of the IMMAF, based on the Statutes, Financial Rules and the
Operations Manual shall prepare a contract covering all obligations for the
organization of the Championships including financial, logistical and licensing.
The contract will govern the management of the Championships and the terms
and conditions of the partnership between IMMAF and the Host Federation.
• At the point of contractual exchange and to secure the Bid, the bidder will be
required to pay deposit of $20,000 to WMMAF.
• $1000 of the fee will be retained by WMMAF for release of the to the Host
Federation and granting of rights to use.
• The remainder of the deposit is to be held securely in trust by WMMAF in a
dedicated Championships Fund for contingency purposes and will be refunded
to the Host Federation upon the successful conclusion of the Championships
should no money be owing to WMMAF or other parties by the Host Federation.
• On completion of contracts, the WMMAF and the Host Federation are to form a
joint Organising Committee to manage the organization of the Championships in accordance with the Operations Manual
• The Organising Committee is then responsible for finalizing the Championship Foundation Plan and Budget Proposal, based on the Host Federation’s Bid and in accordance with WMMAF’s Operational Manual, rules and values. The committee is responsible for the key strategic, organizational, governance and
reporting processes applicable to the planning, organizing, financing, and staging of the Championships.