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WORLD MIXED MARTIAL ARTS FEDERATION AMATEUR MMA CHAMPIONSHIPS BID GUIDELINES 1. OPPORTUNITY • Host the ultimate flagship event in the history of MMA in your region • Showcase your...


HOST AN EVENT BID PROCESS WMMAF is always seeking hosting rights partnerships for future WMMAF Championships and welcomes bids from member nations, sports and government authorities,...

World Championships Hungary

World Championship Hungary/Nagykanizsa 14-16 Octomber 2022 for registration to participate contact directly: Promoter: Mr. Ferenc Horváth Privát   https://www.facebook.com/ferenc.horvath.9

European Fight Games III

European Fight Games III International Championship 24-25 June 2022 in Mosonmagyarovar, Hungary. for registration to participate, contact him directly:  Promoter : Mr  Ferenc Horváth Privát

Ultimative Fighting Tournament Romania

Ultimate Fighting Tournament 10 12 August 2022, Satul Mare, Romania Promoter: Sebastian-Ioan Haidu for registration to participate, you have to contact him directly: https://www.facebook.com/sebastianioan.haidu https://www.facebook.com/UFT.ro/

Kickboxing, MMA, Grappling in Timisoara

Kickboxing, MMA, Grappling! 25/06/2022 in Timisoara, Romania Promoter: Dubles Alin Contact: https://www.facebook.com/tamashyisportcenter

Fight Night Bulgaria

Bulgarian MMA Federation present: "Fight Night" Mixed Martial Arts Pro Event Promoter Mr Stanislav Nedkov President of Bulgarian MMA Federation

Batle of Warriors 2

WMMAFC in Russia presents: "Battle of Warriors 2" 23/02/2017- 18:00 Title Fight for World MMAF Champion Place: Samara, Russia Promoter Mr Ramis Teregulov

MMASeminar in Egypt 2017

WMMAFC in Egypt presents:  MMA Seminar with Grant Waterman, 6-8 NOVEMBER 2017. Promoter: Mr Mohamed Dessouki