License & Insurance

License Type:

Official WMMAFC license & Insurance Card

 – Including Personal Accident Cover

This insurance covers Martial Artists, Competitors along with Judges & Referees

Please note we issue Licence Cards, not Books.

Once you purchase this Insurance/Licence its valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.

This insurance is only valid on events that are also FULLY insured and also competitors are also sufficiently licensed & insured.

Once the purchase is complete you shall receive an email notification receipt which is your Insurance Slip, this is your proof of insurance and licensing.

This can be shown for authentication to an event organizer that your insurance is in place.

Cards are issued as a token so can show event organizers you are insured, equally, your Insurance Slip you receive via email equals the same.

For information about joining WMMAFC as a Federation, Association, or Sport Organisation


WMMAFC License/Insurance is only valid if

This license is only valid if the event you are competing at has:

Your license is kept in date, Sufficient Event Insurance in place, Sanctioned by reputable and insured Organisation/Association, and Sufficient and qualified officials in attendance.

Bouts are matched within safe Age & Weight Divisions Rules are officially approved, always regulated & adhered to.

Your coach is also qualified and insured, you adhere to the rules of the bout you are competing within.

Your Opponent/s are also licensed and insured There is sufficient medical cover in place relevant to the rules you are competing under.

  • WKO Member Policy

    WMMAFC Reserves the right to refuse membership if the license holder does not meet the required standards.

    Any competitor bringing WMMAFC or the Sport into disrepute can and will have their license revoked.