WMMAFC PRO’s mission is to support the best athletes of MMA in the world to develop their careers by granting them the possibility of participating in high-level championships and competitions in the world and increasing international activities. By supporting and collaborating with, the best promoters in the world showcasing the dynamic and modern combat sport of Mixed Martial Arts and all its disciplines in a sustainable way.

At the same time, the mission of WMMAFC PRO is to develop the sport of MMA around the world by improving and innovating the MMA PRO’s activities, championships, and events.

WMMAFC PRO has experience gained in the organization of WMMAFC PRO MMA Championships and events for more years.

WMMAFC PRO also ensures the high standards and quality of its events and competitions, as well as the application of its WMMAFC PRO General and Technical Rules and policies.

WMMAFC PRO guarantees a safe environment for the athletes participating in its events and championships as well as fair decisions in its title bouts, through comprehensive technical, health, and safety rules, aligned with international best practices.


WMMAFC PRO’s values are loyalty, fairness, transparency, and integrity, as the highest moral principles in its activity, which is carried out in the best interests of MMA and its champions.

WMMAFC PRO is strongly against drugs and promotes fair play in sport.

WMMAFC PRO is against discrimination on the basis of race, nationality, gender, and religion.

WMMAFC PRO acts in the interests of MMA, guaranteeing them due payment, equal treatment, and respect of their rights.

WMMAFC PRO also promotes the values of innovation in its MMA activities for the development, integration, and delivery of a long-term career in the sport of MMA.