Mr. Victor POPESCU

WMMAFC World president / CEO

World head office

Berlin, Germany

WMMAFC Bank Details


IBAN: DE85 1004 0000 0650 1274 00       BIC: COBADEFFXXX

Here is the WMMAF – World Mixed Martial Arts Federation!
Dear friends in Sport,
World Mixed Martial Arts Federation
sanctioning body, with events everywhere in the World.
How it goes:
The team and myself, plus our international fighters, promoters, referees, managers, and all kind of officials
around the World started 2015 with a new program. Easy you can check our web site
and like everybody you could see our great success in our development. In the last Years, WMMAF was doubtless the
fastest growing World federation, because of our serious and hard work. We don’t need any fake events because
we are really busy with our 6 WMMAF continental offices. Have a look on our websites and you will understand.
Weekly updated event schedule and our World rankings with the current Champions and all upcoming title
fights around the World. You could download much important information, rules, invitations for tournaments, and much more.
Do you want to join our federation and be a promoter or represent your country? We have only two kinds of country
presidents and promoters, active and very active ones. Non-active we don’t have in WMMAF!



Pro Point Fighting – or often called PPF – is the special division for Top class “Semi contact or point fighters” in
the World. WMMAFC offers here for any global promoter to organize a real title fight with a great value, with an
amazing Champion belt, on mats or in the Ring. Clear rules, weekly updated World ranking for PPF, fair play
, and a high degree of transparency.
A perfect opportunity for the amateur tournaments, to have an international title fight without extra costs. The way to
get a title sanction is the same as in ring sport. Rules, PPF World ranking, event schedule on website.

– 2 –


Although we are a sanctioning body most for professional events, many member countries sanction their amateur
events with our WMMAF too. And we would like to support any of your WMMAF events in your country, forward your
international invitations. With pleasure, we help in your events with online advertising. Send your poster with
some short information before – and reports with photos for the gallery after your event – and we post it on the
WMMAF head office website as well as on your WMMAF continental website. More than 100.000 hits (!) have a great



We sanction professional Kick & Thai boxing events as well as MMA with title fights all over the World. More
and more promoter confides in our World MMA Federation as a strong partner and evaluates our work and
seriousness. We protect our current champions, and our first aim is to satisfy our partners. Visit our WMMAF website and read carefully the “title fight minimum requirements” and you will understand. For title fee request, promoter license and more details send just a mail to our head office.



We sanction professional MMA events and title fights according to our MMA European and World rankings.
Our MMA division was from the beginning a story of great World wide success. If you want to promote any
MMA event with or without MMA title fight other any other requests contact our office




We sanction professional  SANDA & WUSHU events and title fights according to our SANDA & WUSHU European and World rankings.

For title fee requests, promoter licenses, and more details send just a mail to

– 3 –
We expect from our presidents at least two WMMAF-sanctioned title fights per Year. Either Continental,
Intercontinental or World title. Of course, we sanction also nontitle bout events, just send your list of events and
we post it online.
Fix our official WMMAF logo on your poster, follow according our WMMAF rule books and regulations and we
sanction your event and you could get any help from WMMAF. Please check all possible fighters male and female in
the WMMAF World ranking and send any new fighter the usual online fighter profile.
For any upcoming title fights, we request to send the title fight application form, to avoid any misunderstanding.
If WMMAF head office agrees on the title fight you get the official confirmation, we block your event in the ranking
and post in time schedule. Everybody could see World wide your event and the booked title fight. WMMAF head
office appoints the Supervisor for the title fight, and the costs for air tickets, hotels, and food belong to the promoter.
We expect all fees 30 days in advance on our Bank account.
For more than one title on the same show, we are open to any negotiations. For the title fights, you will get all
title belts and certificates in time. Please contact our office any time you need our support.
Best regards, Our 6 WMMAF continental offices: