[The world of Mixed Martial Arts & Kickboxing is excited about the relaunch of the most prestigious and long-lasting professional MMA & Kickboxing circuit in the world]

Date: Berlin, Germany. January 31st, 2022

WMMAFC PRO is very pleased to announce a new partnership beginning from January 2022!

A partnership agreement was officially signed in Hamburg in October 2021 between World MMA Fighting Championship S.r.l. and GMAC – Germany Martial Arts Championship GmbH, that from now on will be in charge for marketing, development and promotion of the WMMAFC PRO’s activity.

As a consequence of such partnership, a new WMMAFC PRO’s management team has been defined which will bring a lot of value and innovation to WMMAFC PRO.

WMMAFC PRO already sanctions over 100 events in a year and under the new management team, we are expecting to double this number in 2022 in spite of Covid.

The new organization will have a versatile and professional team that will be able to assist promoters in the best possible way, in order to bring top quality Athletes and promoters, to PRO MMA & Kickboxing events in all the five Continents.

Main changes have been made especially in relation to:

  • Brand image; a new modern WMMAFC PRO trademark has been chosen to mark this new era, hope you like it!
  • New WMMAFC PRO website – – which is under construction, coming soon, where you can find all the updated rankings, information and main documents such as Technical Rules for both Ring and Tatami Sports.
  • WMMAFC PRO General Rules (herewith attached) have been updated with discounted fees regarding membership fee to be paid annually and sanctioning fees for the organization of international title bouts (World, Intercontinental, Continental) and events under the aegis of WMMAFC.
  • Annual WMMAFC PRO Convention, the first edition will be held in USA, GERMANY, around May/June 2022. On this occasion, the promoters will have the possibility to get up to date with the world-class MMA & Kickboxing scenario, socialize with the main names in the business and participate in workshops with the greatest idols in the sports

Moreover, WMMAFC PRO is launching a new concept based on four events in each Continent, in a pre-determined weight class across all events at pre-determined slots, to be held every two months in each Continent (February – April – June – August 2022).

In September 2022, the Continental Finals will take place, while the Road to Final (venue to be confirmed) will take place at the end of November 2022.

Road to, 4 male and 4 female fights on the card to move up to the next round, down to a winner (two fights in one night).

Continental Final, 4 male and 4 female fights on the card to move up to the next round, down to a winner (two fights in one night).

Road to Final, 4 male and 4 female fights on the card, down to a winner (two fights in one night). The Four semi-finalists will receive the following bursary, dependent on their placing

WMMAFC PRO will pay the final purse money to the fighters as follows:

  • Winner: 000,00 Euro
  • Challenger: 000,00 Euro
  • 3rd classified: 00,00 Euro

For the above-mentioned tournament, it is necessary to have four promoters willing to commit to each Continent. If you’re interested and wish to receive more details, please contact: or

WMMAFC PRO invites you to become an official member and build up professional MMA &  kickboxing within your market and offer additional opportunities to your coaches and Athletes, together in a new era for Professional MMA & Kickboxing.

Please note that all the previous agreements signed with WMMAFC for the exclusive use of the Trademark WMMAFC PRO and the official representation in your Country must be updated and renewed starting from 2022.

If we do not hear from you within the next time, we will take it as an indication you are not interested in Professional MMA & Kickboxing within your country.

We remain at your disposal for any further information or clarification you may need.


World MMA Fighting Championship S.R.L.



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